July 26, 2019

Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020 delegation travels to Europe

Representatives of the Pan-American Masters Rio 2020’s Local Organizing Committee are in Turin, Italy, to accompany the European Masters Games, which will take place from July 26th to August 4th. The purpose of the trip is to present the Brazilian event to the European public and observe the actions taken by the organizers in the areas of Communication, Marketing, Operations and Sports.

The delegation is made up of directors Ricardo Trade (CEO), Djan Madruga (Legacy), Marcio Mac Culloch (Communications), Roberto Miranda (Operations) and José Roberto Perillier (Sports), as well as 4BTS executives, sponsor and official tour operator of the Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020.

On July 30th, the Committee representatives will participate in an executive meeting with the board of the International Masters Games Association (IMGA), to update the progress of the Pan-American Masters Games project. Registration for the competition will begin on the September 4th and will be held through the official website. The values set are US$ 200 for foreigners and the equivalent of US$ 100 for Brazilians. The street race, which will take place at Aterro do Flamengo, will have popular prices that will be released later.

In Turin, the Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020 have a booth at the Game Center, where athletes competing in the European Games perform various activities such as accreditation, service leasing and problem solving. The Game Center has booths of all sports present in the European Games program, as well as spaces for other IMGA competitions, such as the Kansai World Games in Japan, in 2021.

Also as part of the Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020 dissemination strategy, an explanatory folder in English is being given to all accredited athletes for the disputes in the Italian city.

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