March 3, 2020

Athlete registration information

Please pay attention to the information below before you begin the registration process in the Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020.

First, you need to include your personal data, such as full name, birth date, contact phone, contact for emergences, ID for Brazilian athletes or passport for foreign citizens. In this first stage, you also have to include a personal photo that will be used in the athlete credential. Don’t worry, the process in very intuitive!

Then, you will need to choose whether you will participate in the Masters Games as athlete or athlete companion. As athlete, you may register in up to two sports and up to five modalities of each one of them. For example: you may choose to participate in five swimming events and five athletics events, as long as the time of the events do not match and there is enough time for you to go from one competition’s location to the other. Pay attention to the competition calendar!

In the collective sports, you may register teams to participate together with your colleagues in the Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020. In this case, create your team and enter the e-mail address of each one of the participants you wish to invite. Your partners will receive a message with the team’s code and will be able to access the tool to make their individual registration.

In the sports in pairs, you may register yourself and invite your partner to join the duo with you.

In the individual sports, after entering your data and choosing the sports and sportive categories in which you wish to participate, the system will present your age groups.

After you finish choosing the sports and modalities, you will be questioned about your master competitions history. Our intention is to profile the participants of the master events in order that we are able to offer the best possible service to all participants of the Pan-American Games, as well as the participants of future competitions sealed by the International Masters Games Association (IMGA).

In the stage following the registration process, you will need to read and accept the following documents: “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”. Then, you will receive the necessary information to upload the health certificate with at least 90 days of validity, in order that your credential is issued. The credential and registration of athletes who had not uploaded the health certificate within the defined term will not be confirmed.
It is also necessary to answer a research about Sports Health (only for Brazilian citizens). The upload of the health certificate may be carried out after the registration. However, do not forget to upload it so you do not lose your registration, since only the athletes that send us the health certificate will participate in the competitions!

Finally, you will be guided to the page of payment, which may be carried out just with a credit card. Brazilian Citizens may choose to pay in up to 4 installments with no interest.
We hope you have a good experience in the registration process. Doubts must be sent to the e-mail: [email protected]

Welcome to the Pan-American Masters Games Rio 2020!

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